Crestone Wellness offers private, comfortable bedrooms equipped with smart televisions with streaming services, spa-inspired shower suites and spacious, community minded common areas.


Crestone Wellness provides chef-curated, gourmet, made to order meals. Crestone Wellness will absolutely accommodate the dietary needs and restrictions of every client.


Crestone Wellness’ admissions process is streamlined and simple. Our caring admissions counselors are attentive to the unique needs and aware of the common obstacles individuals experience when seeking help from alcoholism and addiction. Our admissions counselors will answer any and all questions about the admissions process and provide information about available treatment options. Crestone Wellness’ goal, even at this crucial first stage, is to ensure that all individuals feel safe and supported in asking for the help they need.

Translation Services

Crestone Wellness offers translation services for clients who do not speak English as their primary language.

Medical Services

To ensure the most comprehensive care, every client of Crestone Wellness will receive a thorough medical evaluation by our doctor upon admission to our facility followed up by daily doctor appointments during the entirety of their stay. Crestone Wellness also has nursing staff on-site twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year, so every client experiences the care, safety and comfort they deserve.

Clinical Services

Crestone Wellness’s clinical team is dedicated to the therapeutic dimension of addiction recovery and believes that therapeutic support ensures the best long-term outcomes in every client’s journey towards sobriety and wholeness.

According to longitudinal research among individuals suffering from substance use disorder and other common comorbidities within, connection within families, friends, colleagues, and community dissolves in addiction. This void of connection and support manifests in addictive behaviors and maladaptive coping strategies in many dimensions of life. The Jellinek Curve depicts this lack of connection and maladaptive patterns and we at Crestone Wellness recognize this as the critical element to begin foundational work.

The chronic, progressive nature of substance use damages areas within the brain, making it exceedingly difficult to engage with others without manifestations of anxiety, depression, fear, and other adverse responses. Recognizing this ever-present hurdle in our clients, our clinical team facilitates the teaching of and practical application of regulation techniques. Through exposure to regulation techniques and coping strategies, positive effects begin to take place improving potential for long-term sobriety. This emanates across research studies and has been validated as a critical metric for positive effects. At Crestone Wellness, clients will be exposed to specific techniques which will facilitate bi-lateral stimulation within the two lobes of the brain. Additionally, all techniques can be practiced in vivo by the client in their daily lives long after inpatient services cease.

In line with the intrinsic need to feel connected and SAMHSA’s “Eight Dimensions of Wellness,” our clinical program contains daily elements of connection and community through psychoeducation, skill-building, and therapeutic activities. Our licensed professionals recognize that recovery is difficult and that synergistic properties within a diverse community cannot be overlooked. Having said this, clinical programming at Crestone Wellness is performed with the clinical team as a model and reinforcement of what healthy support can resemble. At the heart of the clinical team is unconditional positive regard which enables a sustainable, long-term foundation that supports a myriad of experiences for the individual and their family beyond imagination.

Crestone Wellness utilizes the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, which encompasses eight mutually interdependent dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial, and environmental. Crestone Wellness’ clinical team addresses ALL these dimensions to ensure the best long-term outcomes in in every client’s journey towards sobriety and wholeness.

Spiritual Component

Crestone Wellness understands that the most comprehensive path to recovery from alcoholism and addiction entails not only healing the mind and body, but the spirit as well. With this holistic approach in mind, Crestone Wellness exposes every client to a number of spiritually based modalities, including, but not limited to Twelve-Step fellowships. Meditation and Yoga are also a part of our program.

Concierge Services

Crestone Wellness provides a number of concierge services to its clients including, but not limited to, massage, acupuncture, vitamin infusions and salon services.


Upon completion of detox, Crestone Wellness provides each client with a thorough, collaborative, and comprehensive discharge plan that addresses their unique set of needs and circumstances. Detox is only the beginning of the journey to recovery and sustained sobriety. Crestone Wellness understands the importance of providing each client with the best roadmap to sustained recovery. Crestone Wellness works closely with other treatment facilities, sober living houses and therapists to ensure that each client is able to access the continuing care best suited for them.

Crestone Wellness’ Assurances to Clients and Families

Crestone Wellness is composed of people, purpose and passion and the undying belief that anyone can find freedom from addiction. Our hope and our goal is that every client who passes through our doors will truly begin their journey towards sobriety and wholeness. Our conviction is that every client and their families should be treated with dignity and respect and in accordance with that, Crestone Wellness offers clients and families a detox experience that encompasses the following assurances:

Needs-based Treatment Guarantee

Crestone Detox is unwavering in its dedication to helping prospective clients find the appropriate treatment modality to meet their unique needs. If Crestone Wellness is not best equipped to address an individual’s needs, we are committed to facilitating a referral to program that can meet those particular needs given the individual’s medical, emotional, and financial concerns.


Crestone Wellness understand that the primary concern of its clients and their families is getting help and not dealing with the complexities of insurance benefits. Crestone Wellness works with insurance providers to assist clients and their families in navigating the cost of our detox program and to ensure that insurance verifications are processed as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We are currently becoming in-network with most commercial insurance companies.
Crestone Wellness’ admissions team will discuss the utilization of insurance benefits for detox and answer any questions. Crestone Wellness’ insurance specialists will contact insurance providers to collect all the information needed to verify our client’s benefits and to obtain the maximum amount of coverage available to them for detox.


Crestone Wellness’ entire staff rigidly adheres to the most stringent state and federal guidelines concerning the privacy of protected health information. This strong commitment to each client’s privacy continues throughout treatment and after. Regardless of where each client is located along the full continuum of care, their health information is secure with Crestone Wellness.


Crestone Wellness places the utmost importance on making sure clients and their families get real answers to all their questions. Our admissions department is trained to offer clear and concise information about all treatment options and their associated costs.

Unsupervised detox from drugs or alcohol can present real medical danger. Crestone Wellness Detox in Austin has a highly trained team of medical and clinical practitioners who guide our clients through an evidence-based program of recovery. Our physicians closely monitor any existing conditions so that clients can focus on one thing: getting better.