Clinical Services

Clinical Services

According to longitudinal research among individuals suffering from substance use disorder and other common comorbidities within, connection within families, friends, colleagues, and community dissolves in the chronic stages of addiction. This void of connection and support manifests in addictive behaviors and maladaptive coping strategies for all levels and dimensions of life. The Jellinek Curve depicts this and every stage of addiction in exhaustive detail and, we, at Crestone Wellness, recognize this as the critical element to begin foundational work.

The chronic, progressive nature of substance use damages areas within the brain, making it virtually impossible to engage with others without manifestations of anxiety, depression, fear, and other adverse responses. Recognizing this ever-present hurdle in our clients, our clinical team facilitates the teaching of and practical application of regulation techniques. By exposure to regulation techniques and coping strategies, success for long-term sobriety emanate across research studies and have been validated as a critical metric for positive effects. At Crestone Wellness, clients will be exposed to specific techniques which will facilitate bi-lateral stimulation within the two lobes of the brain. Additionally, all techniques can be practiced in vivo by the client in their daily lives long after inpatient services cease.

In line with the intrinsic need to feel connected and SAMHSA’s “Eight Dimensions of Wellness,” our clinical program contains daily elements of connection and community through psychoeducation, skill-building, and therapeutic activities. Our licensed professionals recognize that recovery is difficult and that synergistic properties within a diverse community cannot be overlooked. Having said this, clinical programming at Crestone Wellness is performed with the clinical team as a model and reinforcement of what healthy support can resemble. At the heart of the clinical team is unconditional positive regard which enables a sustainable, long-term foundation that supports a myriad of experiences for the individual and their family beyond imagination.

Crestone Wellness utilizes the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, which encompasses eight mutually interdependent dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial, and environmental. Crestone Wellness’ clinical team addresses ALL these dimensions to ensure the best long-term outcomes in in every client’s journey towards sobriety and wholeness.


Discharge Planning
Clinicians at Crestone Wellness are well-versed in interpreting the intersectionality of “The Eight Dimensions of Wellness,” a client’s unique personal needs and family system, and their specific, chronic pattern in addiction. By doing this for each client, alongside their collaboration, we strive to produce a discharge plan that marries clinical and medical recommendations while satisfying client willingness to improve quality of life. Often, the most fundamental course of action involves client education with traditional models such as “Maslow’s Hierarchy” and more progressive systems of social work systems theory.

The creation of the specific Discharge Coordinator position at Crestone Wellness is no coincidence. We have thoroughly practiced and experienced discharge planning with clients suffering from diagnoses inherent within the DSM 5 and have worked alongside struggling family systems for many years. This work proved to be a signal to create such a department due to the critical importance it holds for the client’s recovery and that of the entire family system. Such insight into family systems can be found by drawing out a genogram with clinical interpretation. At Crestone Wellness, clients will be able to participate in such an activity to highlight triangulated relationships and understanding of how those relationships play into both positive and negative, or toxic, patterns over generations.

While seemingly unrelated to the exact disease of addiction and specific diagnoses, all elements of a client’s life, including family, occupation, goals, health and wellness, are of paramount importance when laying a continuum of care which yields success and happiness in relation to the presenting problem. Not only do clients learn these important details through clinical services, but they also gain these follow-on pieces from their discharge coordinator through the same lens of “attention to detail” with all other recommended levels of care. Ultimately, each and every client who discharges from Crestone Wellness receives a complete discharge package with the ability to always reach back out to our clinical team if and when questions arise.

We thoroughly believe that the connections formed here are meant to last and serve as an undying purpose on the road to recovery, just as seeds are planted with the hope of blooming into something beautiful.