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Crestone Detox Center, Austin, Texas

Prospective clients and families seeking the best substance abuse treatment option for their particular situation will find Crestone Detox admissions process both informative and reassuring. In this simple but helpful process, those seeking drug and alcohol treatment can get the guidance they need to make an informed decision about what plan of care will best help them find freedom from addiction. During a free phone consultation with one of our caring and informed admissions counselors, prospective clients and their families benefit from our expertise regarding various treatment options, associated costs, insurance provisions and other considerations in the admissions process.

Throughout the admissions process, prospective clients and their families also have our assurance of:

Confidentiality (that we take careful measures to protect their privacy)

Transparency (that in their best interests we will strive to answer their every question clearly and with honesty)

Needs-based treatment guarantee (that we will always prioritize the individual care needs of the client and their family and point them in the direction of the right treatment plan for their needs, whether that’s here at Crestone or elsewhere).

Admission Guidelines and Criteria

At Crestone, our residential treatment program is for:
Both men and women
Adults (over the age of 18)
Anyone with a drug or alcohol addiction and/or co-occurring disorder
Anyone who, in also meeting the above criteria, is both physically able and willing to participate in all aspects of our daily programming

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How do I get admitted into your treatment programs?

At Crestone Detox Austin, TX., admission to our drug and alcohol treatment programs begins with a simple phone call. In the course of that brief consultation, one of our admissions counselors will assist you with questions about costs of treatment, insurance benefits and payment options. They’ll be able to help you determine a plan of care that’s both affordable and meets your unique treatment needs.

How quickly can I get into your treatment programs?

Same day admissions are available. Our admissions process usually can accommodate admissions as quickly as within the first 24 hours following your initial phone consultation with one of our caring admissions counselors. There are rare exceptions to this general rule, such as times when we may have exceptionally limited bed availability or when special circumstances pertaining to your situation may prevent us from doing so.

Am I allowed to be in touch with family members and loved ones after arrival at Beach House and during my stay?

Yes. When you arrive at our facility, one of our staff will assist you in making a call to whomever you’d like, so that you can assure them you have arrived here safely. During your stay, you will also be able to communicate regularly with loved ones by phone, and, upon request, via supervised videoconference sessions.

Should I bring my medication(s) to treatment?

Yes. Please bring any medications you are currently prescribed — in their original prescription bottle.

What should I pack?

We want your recovery experience to be comfortable. The below checklist details what you should bring, and if you have additional questions, one of our admissions counselors can help:
Season-appropriate, comfortable, casual clothes
Personal hygiene items
Petty cash for small expenses
Your medications
Photo ID