"The Best Little Detox in Texas" Alcohol and Drug Addiction Detox Treatment Center - in the Austin, TX. area.

We are an addiction detox treatment center located in the Austin, TX area. We specialize in the earliest stages of addiction recovery, from alcohol and drugs such as- fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, meth and others . We offer compassionate and comprehensive medical care and prioritize the discharge coordination process to ensure a seamless transition to every client as they take the next steps in their journey after addiction detox to recover from substance abuse.

Detoxing from drugs like heroin and alcohol can be life threatening - Any physician will strongly suggest that a person detoxing from substance abuse should be done under medical supervision.

Detoxification, or detox, is the process whereby the human body eliminates drugs and alcohol. A hangover is the body detoxing as are heroin withdrawals. Detox is never comfortable and, depending on the severity of a person’s use of drugs or alcohol, it can be excruciating and even dangerous. Because of this, the fear of going through detox creates a tremendous barrier to sobriety and wellness.

To alleviate this fear and to best serve clients going through this transition, Crestone Wellness approaches the detox process with compassion and medical expertise. Crestone Wellness’ medical staff thoroughly evaluates and monitors every client to ensure they are medically stabilized and that their physical withdrawal symptoms are minimized. Crestone Wellness’ clinical staff works with every client to address the mental and emotional concerns associated with the detox process. Crestone Wellness’ entire staff is dedicated to making every client as comfortable as possible as they complete detox prior to transitioning into a long-term substance abuse rehabilitation program or other form of continued care.

Top of the line detox care, thorough and unbiased evaluations and residential stabilization

Navigating drug and alcohol treatment can feel overwhelming and all but impossible. If you or a loved one are in the throes of addiction and desperately seeking help, where do you start? Detox is the obvious first step but what come next? Intensive outpatient? Twenty-eight days of inpatient? Ninety days? Sober living? Therapy? And what modality will be most successful? Trauma resolution? Cognitive behavioral therapy? The Twelve-Steps? All of the above?

Trying to navigate these choices should not feel so haphazard and complex, especially when the consequences of making the wrong choice can be so dire.

Crestone Wellness is here to help and conveniently located in the Austin area. We provide comprehensive and compassionate detox care as well as short term residential stabilization coupled with an evaluation process driven by thoroughness and expertise. In turn, Crestone Wellness is not affiliated with any other treatment center, outpatient program or sober living facility and has zero incentive to sell you on any additional level of care. Instead, you can rest assured the recommendation you receive from Crestone Wellness is unbiased and wholly centered around the best interest of each individual client.

So if you or a loved one are being ravaged by drugs and/or alcohol and need help today, please contact Crestone Wellness. Crestone Wellness will provide the absolute best in detox care and help your or your loved one determine the next best step in obtaining the absolute best chance for freedom and long-term sobriety.

Residential Stabilization – the specifics

The National Institute of Drug Addiction (NIDA), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and the World Health Organization (WHO) has compiled longitudinal research that correlated “negative recovery outcomes with premature transitional plans.” Clients that receive evidence-based care by licensed professionals face “increased risk during periods of transition from one level of care to the next, regardless of gaining agency.” Moreover, it has been shown that “adequate psychoeducation, clinical assessment, and treatment team recommendations manifest with greater accuracy and closer centeredness to client-specific systems” when derived over periods exceeding 7-10 days in professional care. The level of care which these references can be classified as residential stabilization.

In light of the above research and examined outcomes, Crestone Wellness strives to help clients safeguard their investment in recovery by providing residential stabilization after a thorough medical detox process. It is encouraging that specific treatment centers have emerged in response to the chaos of a pandemic, generational and ethnic-specific trauma, economic stress, and the commercialization of maladaptive coping techniques geared to turn short-term profit at the expense of long-term wellness (remote, isolative working conditions, detachment from family, taxing shift work, etc.). Alongside this variety of treatment options comes the daunting search for what is appropriate, feasible, and necessary to support functioning.

With assistance from Crestone Wellness’ clinical team and medical team, clients will ease into clearer, supported thought in the transitional decision-making process. Our curriculum supports the foundational introduction of emotional regulation, breathing techniques, family education and evaluation, medication education, nutritional guidance, sleep hygiene, and assessment of life domains that require nurturing. Additional time is also spent discussing the variety of inpatient programs, outpatient services, tele-health options, equine therapy, private therapy, 12-step communities, and recovery advocacy with our trained Discharge Coordinator. Every client is unique in time requirements to search and identify the perfect clinical-medical-personal match for best outcomes. Allow us to remove the stress and anxiety out of next steps and lean into residential stabilization. This is a research-proven, evidence-based choice that yields positive life functioning for you and your family.

What Our Detox Center Treats Crestone Wellness provides detox treatment for all addictive substances, including:

• Alcohol • Cocaine • Amphetamines • Methamphetamine • Heroin • Fentanyl • Hydrocodone, hydromorphone, codeine, morphine and all other prescription pain killers • Xanax, Valium and other benzodiazepines • Synthetic drugs • Other prescription drugs

24-Hour On-Site Medical Care

Texas’ standards do not require medical staff be on-site 24 hours a day in drug and alcohol detox treatment facilities, but Crestone Wellness detox treatment center from alcohol and drug abuse is anything but standard. Upon admission, every client will receive a thorough medical evaluation by our doctor and daily follow up appointments thereafter. Crestone Wellness also has nursing staff on-site twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year, so every client experiences the care, safety and comfort they deserve.

Private Rooms Available

  • A 24-bed facility, with private rooms.
  • Our environment was designed with the client’s comfort in mind.
  • We conduct a comprehensive screening and admissions process for every client.
  • We guarantee an on-site medical staff 24 hours a day.
  • We utilize a locally sourced lab to ensure timely drug test results.
  • We serve chef-curated, high-quality foods to support and nourish a healing body and mind.
  • We are made up of a truly compassionate team of treatment providers with decades of experience in the alcohol & substance abuse treatment field.
  • We have employed a dedicated team of Discharge Coordinators to collaborate with clients, their loved ones, and other addiction treatment providers to ensure a solid connection with a smooth transition experience

Crestone Wellness began with a vision to provide the best detox care in the State of Texas. Our motto is “clients first” and from that we developed a quality, comprehensive detox program that values and supports our clients and provides them the invaluable gift of hope for their recovery. We built a robust team, full of passionate and compassionate treatment professionals, who feel called to do this work and share our vision.

We know from experience that navigating the path from addiction to recovery is one of the most arduous and terrifying journeys a person can take. It is physically, emotionally, and spiritually challenging for clients and their families. To ease this journey, we take a holistic approach to client care that addresses the medical, psychiatric, clinical, nutritional, and psychosocial needs of every client. Through this approach, clients and their families will feel the support they need to begin the healing process.

Alcohol & Drug Detox Admissions Form.